A wave of small people

Wave worts, surf mice, gremmies, grommets, groms. And these are the nice names. Some of the times they are cussed at, run over, run off, spit at and called many foul names. It happens at times. The trouble is most surfers are too old or don’t want to remember when,  where or how they got started surfing. These young ones will endure most anything to be like you. They emulate you in every way, the surf vocabulary, dress, moves on waves,  etc. All this is to gain the respect they dearly want from you. In time, these youngsters will grow to love and respect the sport of surfing, as you do today.

Keep a leash on it, Bob








Tristan and Dad having too much fun !IMG_0649CJ





These are but a few of the local “Groms” that ply the waters of Estero Bay. Beware!                     Bob

About Bob Isenberg

Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA
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