Spring into Fall

With El Nino approaching, we now get sixty-five degree water, sharks, flying fish and mola mola, etc.

IMG_1006One of the best things that has appeared in Estero Bay is the ”Spring suit.” This is a godsend for the photographer.  No longer are we shooting a figure wrapped in black garden hose. Now we have color and a defined figure with “gams.”





Spring suits are sold by all major surf brands, they run from about $85 to $169 with or without sleeves. The bikini cut and the booty cut are the most popular. Most are 2mm in thickness.  Sleeves are 1mm.



WaveLengths Surf Shop* carries Xcel and O’Neill. All 2mm spring suits are rated for 65 degree or warmer water.



Keep a leash on it………..Bob

*WaveLengths Surf Shop, 998 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, 805-772-3904, wavelengthsmb@hotmail.com

About Bob Isenberg

Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA
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