Little surf, a lot of sun

Late September and early October turned out to be great weather!  Not quite “Indian summer,” but beautiful. The water is still 54-56°, with an occasional spike to nearly 60°, but only for a day or two.  3-4mm wet suits are still the norm.  Only the most hardy wear less.  A few new faces this issue and some you have seen before.img_7074IMG_7064.jpgIMG_7059.jpgIMG_7052.jpgIMG_7049.jpgIMG_6994.jpgIMG_6991.jpgIMG_6975.jpgIMG_6959.jpgIMG_6958.jpgIMG_6952.jpgIMG_6951.jpgIMG_6947.jpgIMG_6944.jpgIMG_6929.jpgIMG_6928.jpgIMG_6921.jpgIMG_6906.jpgIMG_6902.jpgIMG_6899.jpg

Keep a leash on it,     Bob


About Bob Isenberg

Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA
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