A New Year coming

These are photos through to December 30th. I wish I had more, but its hard to find girls that like big waves or cold days or no sun or no waves, so I am at their mercy.

On another subject, the Big, Bad & Ugly surf contest hosted by Estero Bay Surf Club in February on Presidents’ Holiday will have many events for men, women, groms, etc. EBWOW will sponsor the Women’s Long Board Event with a trophy 9′ 3″ High Performance Nose Rider Board from Joe’s Surf Shop. Highest scoring run of the Meet (2 wave average) by a female of any age riding a surf board 8 feet in length or longer will take it home. The board will be on display at Pizza Port, Morro Bay, CA around the first or second week of January 2018.

Keep a leash on it, Bob


About Bob Isenberg

Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA
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