Big, Bad & Ugly 2020

Conditions this time of year… wind, waves and weather were excellent at Morro Rock. Coalition teams from San Diego to San Francisco. One hundred and twenty plus entrants competed for trophies and bragging rights. EBWOW was on hand shooting photos from dawn to dusk. The trophy board we give away for the highest scoring woman was a close battle between Jen Smith of “Wind and Sea” and Adi Mahan of “Morro Bay Surf Club.”

Jen took the win with forty two points, Adi with thirty nine points. The two have been friends for some time and in a heart-felt gesture, Jen gave the board to Adi, saying the she thought it should stay in Morro Bay.

“What a Gal.”

“What a friendship.”

Keep  leash on it, Bob

Bob Isenberg with the EBWOW Trophy Board
Jen Smith
Adi Mahan

About Bob Isenberg

Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA
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