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Photographer of surfers and owner of Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch, 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit in Morro Bay, CA

Big, Bad & Ugly

I just received a this TEXT as soon as I posted the last story this morning: “Due to unfavorable and unsafe conditions, we have canceled the BIG, BAD & UGLY. We will work on rescheduling if the forecasting models turn around … Continue reading

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High winds, high surf, heavy rain.

Everything that keeps all but the most hardy from surfing. By the end of January things started to clean up. I was able to get a few shots, just enough to keep the ones that did surf happy. I hope … Continue reading

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Winter is coming

With fall about to end and winter coming on, we don’t have as many visiting surfers until the the big winter swells start to appear.  However, many of the locals still give me a chance to let me show them what … Continue reading

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Halloween and beyond

The fall months on the Central Coast have been gorgeous. The surf has been big, then medium, then back to big, but very few days of small to no surf. The photos you see here are from Cayucos and the … Continue reading

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Little surf, a lot of sun

Late September and early October turned out to be great weather!  Not quite “Indian summer,” but beautiful. The water is still 54-56°, with an occasional spike to nearly 60°, but only for a day or two.  3-4mm wet suits are … Continue reading

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The summer that never was

I think it was sometime in July that I saw the last sunny morning. Maybe this marine layer will give way to an “Indian summer.” We can always hope. However, nothing stops a surfer from getting wet. Now for me… … Continue reading

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No swell summer

We still have a small south swell and surfers that will brave the 52 – 54 degree water of Estero Bay. Summer fog makes for poor photography most of the time,but we do get a brake once in a while when … Continue reading

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Double over ankle

If it’s not foggy or windy it’s set waves that are “double over ankle”. But things can only improve. What the hell, it’s summer.  Maybe I can do a piece on Bakersfield beach fashions or a centerfold beefcake surfer, after … Continue reading

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Not the best

May 15, 2016 Less than ideal conditions kept all but the hardcore away. High winds and poor swells made for washing machine surf most of late April and early May. However, the early mornings were the best if you did … Continue reading

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No spring suits yet

What was touted to be El Niño turned out to be typical spring weather and surf. A few days of larger swells, a few smaller ones. However between March 20 and April 20 there were only 4 days where no … Continue reading

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