First off, E.B.W.O.W. would like to congratulate Tori White for her first place win in women’s short board competition at Morro Bay High School’s most recent surfing event in Oxnard, CA. This is part of the Scholastic Surf Series. I have photographed Tori and her sister, Katie, numerous times at Morro Rock. Here she is with her signature crane pose.



Below are a few more of the ladies that braved the cold water and at times high surf, from February 15 through March 15, 2016.










Keep a leash on it, Bob

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A few good daze

Through late January and early February, we have had a lot of storm conditions, with high surf and winds reaching 30 knots. IMG_2154

IMG_2180IMG_2183However, there were a few days I was able to photograph the few ladies that just had to get wet.IMG_2219IMG_2186

IMG_2185Here are some that caught waves between the days of close-outs and rough surf.IMG_2246IMG_2244IMG_2235IMG_2225

And I would like to thank all of them for giving me something to shoot besides all of the old farts and hot doggers that abound.IMG_2264IMG_2256IMG_2255IMG_2253

Anyway this site is for you…….”You. You women on water.”IMG_2274Keep a leash on it,    Bob

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Tubes and other rides


The last few weeks of 2015 were pretty  uneventful, a lack of women surfers, cold water conditions (50-52°F), high winds and cloud cover.

Although, there were a couple of days in Cayucos where I found what I was looking for. A little sun and surfers. Cayucos, California is a sleepy little berg off of Highway 1, two blocks long with a public pier.


A steep pebble beach that is less prone to erosion. On days with an offshore wind and an average swell, some “tubes” may show and they can be fun.


Surfers will tell you when the Rock at Morro Bay is “blown out” Cayucos can be good. In high surf conditions, when both are bad, everyone will be heading to Widow Walls. It’s a “right” that breaks down the inside of the north jetty, not a lot of room, but can be a lot of fun.

Keep a leash on it  Bob


P. S.   The men surfers shown on this blog are only to depict the “tubes” at Cayucos and no credit shall be given. Groms are fair game.


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Almost winter

A few of the recent shots of surfers and other activities from late November and early December.

In the following photos note…

Mike Jones avoiding a near wreck,

Mike Jones

Mike Jones

a seal ion with a nice striped bass,

Sea lion with Striped Bass

Sea lion with Striped Bass

Garrett, aka “Hollywood,” doing his bird imitation,



a couple of hot “groms”



and all the beautiful ladies that grace the waters of Estero Bay. IMG_1869IMG_1867IMG_1736IMG_1879IMG_1739IMG_1877IMG_1826


Keep a leash on it, Bob

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Fall surfing

The following photos are a few of the girls and groms that were seen in the waters of Estero Bay in the first few weeks of November.

Stop by and say “Hi,” and leave your email.  If I have more photos of you, I will email them to you.

See me near the benches next to the rock, 8am to 12pm.

Keep a leash on it Bob.

IMG_1524 IMG_1502 IMG_1493 IMG_1506


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Halloween surfers

IMG_1477 IMG_1474 IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1471 IMG_1470 IMG_1467 IMG_1466 IMG_1463 IMG_1458 IMG_1455 IMG_1454 IMG_1452 IMG_1449 IMG_1448 IMG_1444

All in good fun. ‘Til next year.

Keep a leash on it , Bob

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October swells…

The first two weeks of October were mostly summer surf conditions. Waves two to three feet, except on October 10-13 when we got a taste of the larger swells from a western Pacific storm which brought seven to nine foot waves. With a high tide, the beach overnight went from smooth sloping to a sandy “grand canyon.”


Erosion was thirty inches to three feet at the mean high tide mark. The beach was inundated with water back two hundred yards from the shoreline leaving a hundred yards or less of dry sand in front of the dunes.

IMG_0453As the “large sets” crashed in, swirling foam and bubbling white water left the lifeguard towers in the middle of a large shallow lake. The larger sets on Saturday, October 10th, were under a heavy fog bank making photography impossible.

Todd Gailey on a set wave in the fog

Todd Gailey on a “set wave” in the fog

The following photos are surfers that enjoyed Estero Bay in the first two weeks of October.


IMG_1339IMG_1342IMG_1305IMG_1280IMG_1241IMG_1184IMG_1225IMG_1227IMG_1217Keep a leash on it, Bob

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September surfers……….

It might not be your best side, but it is you!IMG_1044 IMG_1013 IMG_1027 IMG_1062 IMG_1073 IMG_1082 IMG_1100 IMG_1146 IMG_1124

Keep a leash on it, Bob

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Spring into Fall

With El Nino approaching, we now get sixty-five degree water, sharks, flying fish and mola mola, etc.

IMG_1006One of the best things that has appeared in Estero Bay is the ”Spring suit.” This is a godsend for the photographer.  No longer are we shooting a figure wrapped in black garden hose. Now we have color and a defined figure with “gams.”





Spring suits are sold by all major surf brands, they run from about $85 to $169 with or without sleeves. The bikini cut and the booty cut are the most popular. Most are 2mm in thickness.  Sleeves are 1mm.



WaveLengths Surf Shop* carries Xcel and O’Neill. All 2mm spring suits are rated for 65 degree or warmer water.



Keep a leash on it………..Bob

*WaveLengths Surf Shop, 998 Embarcadero, Morro Bay, CA 93442, 805-772-3904, wavelengthsmb@hotmail.com

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Holiday’s can be hectic… the surf is not exempt.

The week prior to the holiday we had at least 4 shark sightings and one attack on a surfboard.

Photo by Laura Dickinson

Photo by Laura Dickinson

In one of the following photos you will see all the surfers at waters edge while the great white makes a cruise through the hood.


The following are but a few of the people who surfed on and before that holiday.

IMG_0765 IMG_0934 IMG_0775 IMG_0749 IMG_0945 IMG_0955 IMG_0950

Below you will see near wrecks that didn’t happen on the highway.



Here’s one that will always cause a wreck.


Keep a leash on it, Bob

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